How to use a quality standards script in your Google Ads campaign?

We like to be always up to date with the latest news from Google's guideline platforms, and we want all our customers to have the best practices recommended by Google in their Ads account.

On this occasion we decided to make one of our scripts public so that everyone can use it! Are you going to miss it?

How does it work?

Google is constantly implementing new campaigns, types of bids, ads, etc. Our script analyzes all the configuration of each of the campaigns and adds labels of the improvements that can be made so that you can then review the account and implement them yourself!

In order to carry out the implementation we recommend you read before {{post (3, this note)}} which explains what Google Ads scripts are for and how to implement them.

Script Code

The name can be iVirtual | Optimization tags to differentiate it from the rest:

function main() {
    // Obtener el script de iVirtual.
    var scriptFile = UrlFetchApp.fetch("");

    // Evaluar el script y el contenido.

    // Ejecutar el script.
    eval("new externalScript();").main();

We recommend running the script every night at 11pm, which is a time when we don't usually work on campaigns. 
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